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Enjoy Responsibly.

California Platinum Farms is an affiliated brand of Pura Vida Tres, a Pre-ICO and Proposition D compliant medical marijuana cultivation collective located in Los Angeles. Our goal is to cultivate the highest quality medical grade cannabis free from pesticides, fungicides and other harmful additives. From our signature Platinum OG, to our constant variety of strains, we draw on decades of experience in conjunction with the latest innovative technologies to provide quality flower for a more reasonable price. The guiding concept at CPF is to bring to the market the highest-quality flower, delivering the highest quality user-outcomes, while still keeping reasonable prices in a fluctuating cannabis market.


The demand for better product is increasingly prominent in today's market.  At CPF we recognize that in order to stay ahead of demand it is important to integrate current technological advances in both materials and production methods.  We utilize a combination of high-pressure sodium, metal halide and LED lights in our grows to maximize the full yield and potency of our plants.  Other innovative technologies such as reverse osmosis water filters and custom made mixing pumps have also become standard at CPF.


At CPF we have developed several proprietary nutrient feeding regimes unique in the industry. These nutrient feeding regimes, specific to growth cycles and even to individual phenotypes, and have taken years to develop. We are proud to say that our nutrient regimes are pesticide, fungicide and carcinogen free.  


The management team at California Platinum Farms believe that it is not enough to simply "set and forget" our plants.  We closely monitor each and every plant at every stage of growth.  Our highly trained staff bring with them years of experience, and beyond that a genuine commitment to the well-being of our plants.  It is our belief that only if our flower is good enough to take home to our families is it good enough for our patients.

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